It’s Too Early

OK enough already… and it’s only November!

Why do radio stations, retail outlets, malls and almost any other venues that have loudspeakers insist on playing Christmas music so in advance of the holiday?

When do we have to get into the Christmas spirit? Not everybody wants to be in the Christmas spirit almost two months before! And do you really believe that Santa plays this stuff to his elves 24/7?

Now I will agree that at some point I guess it would be OK to play all those carols and happy Christmassy songs that everybody loves… well not everybody! But, at what point? How about the week of Christmas in the comfort of your own home?

Retailers will tell you that if a customer hears Christmas music it will entice that person to buy. I am willing to bet you that when people hear Christmas music this early they panic and run to the nearest professional for help.

And what about those of us who don’t even celebrate Christmas? How can we avoid the music – by turning up our iPods? By running away? Where?

I’m taking Tom Lehrer’s advice: “I’m Spending Chanukah in Santa Monica.”

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