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Thursday, November 5th, 2009

I was sitting in the doctor’s office waiting for my wife. It was fairly crowded but manageable. I was reading a March 2007 issue of Time Magazine but I couldn’t help but overhear the conversation next to me.

Two women, in their mid-to-late thirties I guessed, were talking about headaches.

One said: “Sometimes mine are extremely bad… almost like a migraine. But I’ve been prescribed really good stuff for it.” She showed her friend the bottle saying “You should ask the doctor about this.”

The other woman thanked her for the advice and then said: “You know, whenever I get a headache it means it’s time for me to top up my Botox.”

I put the magazine down and had this brilliant male thought: I guess this woman has no excuse when it comes to sex.

Where’s My Towel?

Monday, October 26th, 2009

I try to workout every day before going to the office. I get to the fitness club real early and workout with a personal trainer or, if left to my own devices, I swim.

In addition to providing an excellent facility, our club is very generous and trustworthy. I know this because we have no limit on the number of towels we can use during our time there. Some clubs, my friends tell me, only issue you two towels when you enter and that’s it – making it really difficult to get another towel. At those clubs it’s almost a question of locking down your towels.

But I’m lucky. If I want a towel with me on the gym floor to absorb my schvitz – no problem. When I swim I can take a towel or two with me to the pool. And if I want a towel to gently wipe away my tears after hearing the current stock market results from the talking head on the lounge TV – no problem!

So explain this to me… Why after a great shower does my towel go missing? I know that I hung it on hook #4 (they number the towel hooks at our gym – that’s class). Why would it not be there for me?

I guess for some people it’s too far to the towel distribution shelf.