The Burtchers and Kvetchers

Gantseh Kvetcher

Gantseh Kvetcher

The Gantseh Kvetcher has been kvetching ever since his Bar Mitzvah when he became the youngest ever to complain to The Waterman Pen Company about the quality of their pens. Although he had asked for $37.49 as compensation for three shirts that were ruined by leaking pens all Waterman did was send him three bottles of ink.

He was always inquisitive, precocious and rebellious and retains those traits today. His world view, although sometimes skewed, hits the mark and his writing brings joy and a sense of fulfillment to those who know him and can appreciate where he’s coming from. Wherever he is coming from…

G Westbound

Gardiner Westbound

Gardiner Westbound was raised in the tradition of pure upper crust establishment – and we’re not talking Challah here. He brings a true “Je ne sais quoi” to the pages of Burtch and Kvetch. Because he has been on the road for most of his life, Gardiner understands life and all that it can throw at you and not him. From tony neighbourhoods to the edge of, what Gardiner likes to call “the other side of the tracks” you can be assured of uncompromised reporting. His recent B’nai Brith humanitarian award is a testament to that.

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