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Burtch and Kvetch is about… Burtching and Kvetching!

First… a few definitions.

In his book The Joys of Yiddish, Leo Rosten defined burtch as: “To grumble, grown or complain as in ‘What’s he Burtching about’  to mean ‘What’s he griping about?’”

But in addition to defining kvetch as a complainer, he also defines kvetch “to squeeze, pinch or eke out.” And there are a few twists: Kvetch can be a noun or a verb! So as a verb we get: “Don’t kvetch the peaches” or “He’ll kvetch the deal out to the last decimal place.”

And like burtch, Rosten says, kvetch as a noun can be “anyone, male or female who complains, gripes or frets.”

So what am I doing here? Is this site full of complaints, gripes and put-downs? I think not!

What I present here is my worldview of the things I see day to day that I believe deserve a good kvetch or occasional burtch.

So you be the judge. Click here to read the Burtch and Kvetch Posts Page or try Photography to see some intriguing photographs.

Enjoy, and have a good kvetch! You’ll feel so much better after you read some of this stuff.

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